Saturday, January 24, 2009

If this group reaches 15,000 members we will get facebook logo as a tattoo

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How are you all today?

When I logged into my facebook account I had been invited to join a group where two mates challenged the network that if their group grew to 15,000+ members they would get a tattoo facebook’s logo. This is one hell of a crazy challenge… lol.

Here is what these guys have to say:

Before I get started let me just say that we would just go out and get a normal tattoo but what fun is that!? To the person who said that we are just looking for attention, let me just say yes we are but we also want to get a tattoo so ;)

I saw a group recently that said that if they get 20,000 members then they would get a google tattoo. When 20,000 joined they backed down. However the difference with this group is that me and my mate (Dan Smith and Ian Hide) will actually do it, weve got the money, all we need is you lot to join. We will give proof using photos on here. So join and invite all your contacts to join. My mate doesnt believe well get 15,000 so prove him wrong it would be piss funny. If we get like 100 members we will look like tits so please join. And to those people who write in the wall and call us losers/sad/idiots....CORRECT we are very sad. So you dont have to write it cos we (particularly Ian) already know it! x


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Is this a Joke or they are going to get it done for real?

Go on guys… get the tattoo done and post some pictures.

Great stuff!

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